TradeMark Policy

You may not violate Zone’s or any other user’s intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark.

A trademark is a word, logo, phrase, or device that distinguishes a trademark holder’s good or service in the marketplace. Trademark law may prevent others from using a trademark in an unauthorized or confusing manner.

Using another’s trademark in a way that may mislead or confuse people about your affiliation may be a violation of our trademark policy.

You can submit a trademark policy violation report on our Email Id Please provide all the necessary information in the email. If you email an incomplete report, we’ll need to follow up about the missing information. Please note that this will result in a delay in processing your report.

All materials, including illustrations, photographs, products, images, artwork, designs, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video clips and software (collectively, “Content“) appearing on this website are owned or controlled by us and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates and content suppliers and are protected by worldwide design, trademark, trade dress, copyright and other intellectual property laws. The Content of this website, and the website as a whole, are intended solely for personal use by the users of this website.

Acceptable Uses

You may do the following without receiving specific permission us:

  • Use Zone wordmarks in text to truthfully refer to and/or link to unmodified Zone smart contracts, protocols, interfaces, programs, products, services and technologies (“Zone software”).
  • Use the Zone wordmarks to truthfully describe modified versions of Zone software that you may create or make available. For example, you may say “This software is derived from Zone software.” or “This service uses software derived from Zone software.”
  • Use the Zone logos in software or aggregators that integrate with Zone software to truthfully refer to, and, where possible, link to the applicable Zone software hosted on the Algorand blockchain.
  • Use Zone wordmarks to clearly signal to users that there is no affiliation with or endorsement by Zone.
  • Follow the terms of the open source licenses for Zone software.

When allowed, how can I use a Zone trademark?

  • You must include a trademark attribution notice at the first or most prominent mention of the mark on a webpage, document or documentation, such as: “[Zone trademark] is a trademark of Zone.”
  • You may not change the Zone logos except to scale them. If you use the Zone logos, give them adequate spacing from the other elements on the webpage or document to ensure legibility and reduce the likelihood of confusion.
  • You must always use the wordmarks in their exact form and with the correct spelling, neither abbreviated, hyphenated, nor combined with any other word or words.
  • You must always use the Zone wordmarks only as an adjective, never as a noun or verb, or in plural or possessive forms.
  • Instead, use the generic term for the Zone product or service following the trademark.

All other uses of a Zone trademark require our prior written permission.

Contact us at for more information.

Unacceptable Uses

Some specific things you should not do include:

  • Don’t use our trademarks in anything dishonest or fraudulent.
  • Our name is not your name. Don’t use Zone trademarks in the name of your smart contract, interface, business, product, service, app, domain name, publication, or other offering.
  • Don’t use our name for your products. Don’t apply Zone trademarks to any product (e.g., a mobile app), unless such use is limited to a truthful and descriptive reference.
  • Don’t overemphasize our mark. Don’t display Zone trademarks more prominently than your product, service, or company name.
  • Don’t create or use confusingly similar names. Don’t use Zone trademarks, company names, slogans, domain names, or designs that are confusingly similar to Zone trademarks, particularly in the name of your smart contract, interface, business, product, service, app, domain name, publication, or other offering.
  • Don’t imply our sponsorship of your products. Don’t use Zone trademarks in a way that incorrectly implies affiliation with, sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by Zone of your products or services. For example, please do not name your project compatible with Zone software.
  • Don’t imply our sponsorship of your activities. Don’t use Zone trademarks, or confusingly similar trademarks on social media accounts in a way that might suggest affiliation with Zone or Zone software; except if you’ve received prior permission from Zone. For example, you cannot name your account, page, or community “Zone Protocol” or “Zone Team.” However, it would be acceptable to name your account, page, or community “Fans of Zone” or “Information about Zone”.
  • Don’t create swag with our marks. Don’t use Zone trademarks on merchandise for sale (e.g., selling t-shirts, mugs, etc.) unless you have permission from Zone.
  • Don’t change or combine our marks. Don’t modify Zone trademarks, abbreviate them, or combine them with any other symbols, words, or images, or incorporate them into a tagline or slogan.

If we determine that you violated our trademark policy, we may suspend your account. Depending on the type of violation, we may give you an opportunity to comply with our policies. In other instances, an account may be permanently suspended upon first review.