10 Jan 2023 · 10 MIN READ

A Primer For Games and Gaming Modes On Zone: Everything From Hyper Casual Games, AAA esports, to Fantasy sports On Web3

Centralized web2 gaming industry incentives are designed to provide publishers and developers with a majority share of the success of any game. Gamers, as end-users, invest significant time and capital in these games but are left with minimal monetary incentives. Participants are forced to interact with a system that they have no control over. Traditionally, gamers have had no means to benefit from their investment of time and money. These one-sided incentives have necessitated the creation of a

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What is Algorand?

Algorand was founded in 2017 by Silvio Micali, a renowned MIT professor and Turing Award recipient. Micali identified the need for a scalable and secure blockchain platform that could maintain decentralization, providing the crypto space with a solution that addresses the limitations of existing platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Introduction Algorand, a relatively recent addition to the blockchain landscape, aims to enhance scalability while preserving decentralization, an issue faced by

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Shields Up! Fairplay and Security Ensured on Zone

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Play, Compete, Earn: Zone's Gaming Platform Turns Your Skills into Real Cash Rewards!

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How To Stake ZONE To Earn 20% APR 💎

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Announcing Zone Mainnet: Gaming for everyone! Any device, Multi Chain, Play and Earn

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How to remint a unique AFK Elephant

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Launching Zone Marketplace — The Future of E-commerce On Algorand