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How To Play?

Challenge your friends in an instant using ALGO and ZONE.

1 Connect Wallet

Connect your My Algo Wallet to start playing.

2 Set Challenge Amount

Set the amount you want to challenge with in ALGO.

3 Select Your Game

Zone Play has all your favorite games to choose from.

4 Invite Your Friend

Share the invitation link with your friend and play to win.

Monetizing 6 million Discord servers through GameFi Invite Zobo To Start Earning

Zobo bot enables Discord communities to monetize their servers instantly. Our proprietary bot allows the monetization of communities by creating a bridge between Web2 and Web3.

Receive daily payouts by simply adding Zobo to your servers.


ZONE tokens power the entire ZONE GameFi ecosystem. From staking to powering up your NFTs, do everything with ZONE.

On-chain gaming challenges

Stake them to earn rewards

On-chain fantasy sports

Trade them for NFTs or other assets

Buy NFT Lootboxes

Vote on governance proposals

Games We Support

Challenge friends to your favorite games on Zone Play



Adi K Mishra CEO , Zone

Kodiswaran B. Janardhanan CTO , Zone

Sebastien BorgetAdvisor

John LindenAdvisor

Joey Brander Advisor

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni Advisor

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