Welcome To The ZONE

GameFi. Decentralized Fun.

ZONE is the native token of the ZONE GameFi ecosystem. It’s a multi-utility token that powers everything on the platform.


You can do much more with Zone token

Challenge. Play. Earn.

Social Gamification. Unite with your buddies.

  • Challenge your friends using ZONE.
  • Automatic wallet payments when you win.
  • Challenge directly from Zobo or Zone Play.
  • Powerup with ZONE NFTs.

Zone Fantasy Sports

On-chain fantasy leagues powered by smart contracts.

  • Form virtual sports teams, stack up fantasy points.
  • Emulate your favorite fantasy leagues on the blockchain.
  • Best teams win the league and the ZONE token pool.

Zone NFTs

Trade and stake world's first gamified, upgradable, utility NFTs.

  • Use ZONE to open NFT Treasure Crates.
  • Combine NFTs to upgrade them to a higher class - Unlock rare rewards!
  • Show off your rare NFTs on your profile avatar.
  • Collect rare NFTs that supercharge your ZONE experience - daily airdrops, reward multipliers and more!

Stake ZONE for Rewards

Get rewarded for being awesome.

  • Stake ZONE/ALGO for ZONE plus more tokens.
  • Get featured on community leaderboards.
  • Get rewards every block!

How Zone Works

Staking Ecosystem

Zone Token Allocation


Zone Token Allocation

Zone Roadmap


  • Launch Zone 1v1 challenge Testnet (Game - Chess)
  • Successful Pvt Round 1 with top VCs
  • Launch Zobo for Discord on Testnet (Game - Chess)
  • Algorithmically generate 10,000 AFK Elephants NFTs and start Pre-registrations*
  • Issue Zone token Minting smart contract on Reach
  • Create Zone staking contract
  • Create Algorand staking contract
  • Ethereum Algorand cross-chain bridge
  • Integrate with magic.link for seamless user experience
  • Audit Algorand Staking contracts
  • Audit Zone Staking Contracts
  • Audit Wagering Contracts
  • Have 5k discord servers use Zobo
  • Successful Pvt Round 2 with reputed VCs and Family offices
  • Integrate Clash Royale APIs on Web3
  • Integrate Clash Royale APIs on Zobo(Zone Bot)
  • Launch Web3 mainnet
  • IDO


  • Create Discord server owner revenue distribution smart contracts
  • Audit Discord server owner revenue distribution smart contracts
  • Launch Zobo Mainnet
  • Create Fantasy League backend and game structure on blockchain
  • Create smart contracts for locking funds for fantasy leagues
  • Zone Token listing on major exchangers
  • Create the world’s first deflationary, upgradeable, power ups enabled NFTs
  • Generate Loot Boxes for accessing NFTs using Zone Tokens
  • Create the feature of Open Challenges
  • Integrate League of Legends
  • AFK elephants as pseudonymous identities in the Zone ecosystem
  • Launch Power-up NFTs
  • Have $100M worth of assets staked in the Algorand Staking Pool
  • Have $10M worth of Zone Tokens staked in the Zone Staking Pool
  • Launch Solo challenges
  • Create Multi-party games smart contract
  • Multi-party games smart contract Security Audit
  • Fantasy League, Fund Locking Smart Contracts audit
  • Fantasy League Testnet live
  • Multi Party gaming challenges testnet live


  • Partnership with Game development companies
  • Reach 1M users
  • $500M worth of assets staked in the Algorand Staking Pool
  • $100M worth of Zone Tokens staked in the Zone Staking Pool
  • Add Zobo to 50k servers
  • Integrate CS GO
  • More to be announced….